What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right? I think that works in this case.

Regardless, I figured the differentiation between my two Napkin Art titles on DeviantArt was overdue. You see, it was easy to keep track of napkins when I was simply drawing them for one kid, but when my son started Pre-K this fall, I needed a way to differentiate the two. After all, having two #1 napkin posts wouldn’t make very much sense, would it?

Since starting school in September with a BMO Pre-K video game, John has challenged me to bring everyday items to life and draw Spider-man in at least half a dozen different ways. The exciting thing about drawing napkins for him is that I may get a very good idea of how many days we actually send him to school (depending, of course, on how long he lets me continue them).

So, in my DeviantArt galleries, I have a gallery for Napkin Art (the original series for my daughter) and a gallery for NapkinArt (no space, which is the series for my son.)

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