In my past day job as a journalist, I was active at several different newspapers including The Abington Journal in Clarks Summit, Pa. One of the biggest events put on by the local business group, the Abington Business and Professional Association, is the Clarks Summit Festival of Ice.

Amid all of my title and job changes late last summer, I promised to update their map to help them organize the event in a brand new way. For the first time, the event would include themed areas under the overarching header of “Rock ‘n’ Ice.”

In the past, icons were all the same color and slight differences highlighted live carvings and photo ops. I talked organizers away from painting the map background with certain colors and instead built a stylized key to separate their zones.

If you get the chance, the Festival of Ice is (pun not entirely intended) really cool. It has expanded in recent years to include an evening parade, a variety of kid-friendly activities,¬†and much more. It’s a great opportunity to support homegrown businesses and local chains and admire a very non-traditional form of sculpture.

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