For the last few weeks, I had myself convinced I was stuck in a rut.
Submission after submission was getting (and continues to get) rejected by so many of the daily T-shirt sites that I actually wondered if I had somehow been blacklisted in that community.

Then, a valued friend made an excellent point.

“You struck gold with the first one,” he reminded me. “That’s tough to repeat.”

Indeed, I got lucky when I created “Choose Adventure” almost two years ago. My first pop culture mash-up was immediately accepted by one of the 24-hour sale sites, racking up 1,400 sales in a day. It made for a nice Christmas that year.

Since then, I’ve been trying to repeat what I had viewed as the height of success in the world of wearable art.

I fooled myself all along.

That early success story was a great motivator, but that win coupled with daily napkin art for the kids are what truly got me to enjoy art again.

I now recall the near coup some fellow art students and I tried to stage with our own Salon des Refuses when we were fed up with the repeated rejection by our professors for inclusion in juried shows. If the original was good enough to host works by Cezanne and Manet, why not college students who were also feeling put out? That spirit of rebellion had been out of my system for years now, but it just may be the thing I need.

This week, I launched my Facebook fan page for Peter Parker PA, and the initial response was outstanding. From that page, and of course from this site, I plan to share finished works, daily sketches, and more. I hope to open a dialogue about mash-ups that would otherwise be impossible or those that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own.

I’ve seen so many creations made by other artists purely for the joy of the creative process. I lost that while chasing the white rabbit of a daily T-shirt sale from behind the wheel of a Mario Kart vehicle.
For now, I’m focused on making art that I enjoy and that makes my kids chuckle over lunch. Sales that come from it would just be icing on the cake.

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