The night Link wore his green clothes and fought evil of one kind and another, his grandmother called him “LEGENDARY HERO!” and Link said, “HYAH!” and he was sent on a wild adventure with a bottle full of red potion.

At least that’s how I think this story would start.

Here’s the finished version of “Where the Temple Bosses Are,” my Legend of Zelda- and “Where the Wild Things Are”-inspired mashup.

This is the first design I’ve put together that actively involves the actual shirt color as a design element as well as a fitting background color. Elements like Link’s clothes, details on the Helmaroc King’s tail, and the patterns on the Darknut’s boots are essentially cutouts created to take advantage of any green shirt it would be printed on. Of course, those spaces will be painted in for wider use on multiple colors of shirts on Society 6, RedBubble, and perhaps even in my new TeePublic shop.

Feed me your thoughts in the comments. Feedback is always appreciated!

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