It’s hard to believe that, after being part of the news team that covered the first Festival of Ice in the Abingtons many years ago, I’m still making contributions to one of the most unique events in Lackawanna County.

The Festival of Ice, which is normally held in South Abington Township, Clarks Summit, and Clarks Green, Pa., over the Presidents’ Day weekend, is organized by the Abington Business and Professionals Association and features more than 50 ice sculptures created by Sculpted Ice Works in Lakeville.

My first out-of-college employer, The Abington Journal, has been a passionate supporter of the festival since its creation. I remember working on some of the first special sections that were handed out during the event.

Luckily, I’ve been able to continue giving to the event through necessary updates to the annual map. The original was created by Gary Visgaitis, one of my former Times Leader colleagues.

The event is incredibly family-friendly, and this year’s theme is “Frozen Fairy Tales.” Sections of the map reflect a wide variety of storybook-inspired themes, and the events calendar is full of fun for kids of all ages.

This year’s festival is set for Feb. 13-16. Visit or for additional details.

Until then, enjoy the map and key in order to plan your trip through the festival!

updated ice fest map from original - final


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