I’m really sorry to admit that it’s been almost a year since I’m posted a new blog entry. Let’s hope that my resolution to create more art this year will result in more posts here.

Apologies aside, I’m kicking off 2016 with some tongue-in-cheek blasphemy. The first design of the new year is a portrait of our Lord and saver with his chosen backup format.

That’s right, there are 3.5 floppies of all of your discrepancies in heaven. At least that’s the premise of this shirt.

I was inspired by another Look Human shirt in my Tumblr feed that had Jesus decked out in a goalie’s uniform with the same slogan. I thought this would be a funny, more geek-related tint on the theme.

The piece is already available in my Redbubble shop, unless they decide to try to slap me with another nonsense copyright infringement claim. That said, get it while you can!

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