I am PeterParker_PA, but you may know me in real life as Christopher J. Hughes. I’m a lifelong resident of Scranton, Pa., proud geek parent and husband, and fan of unique pop culture mashups and old school pixel art.

Inspired by the video games and television programs of the 1980s forward, my work is often a clash of my childhood memories and the ones that I’m developing with my awesome kids, Taryn and John. I also doodle on their school lunch napkins on a near-daily basis.

I’m currently employed as a website and social media manager at a private college in Scranton.

When not creating work for my kids or my own personal pleasure, I am a freelance designer and key graphics consultant for Spectyr Media in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania.

Featured Artist


“Choose Adventure” | Nov. 2012.

Group Exhibitions

“Live at Lincoln Hall”

Tribute to “The Adventures of Pete and Pete” | Chicago, Ill. | Oct. 2014

“As Seen on TV”

New Visions Studio and Gallery | Scranton, Pa. | June 2013

Solo Exhibitions

“Boob Tube”

Electric City Tattoo Gallery | Scranton, Pa. | June 2015

“Father’s Day”

Sole to Soul | Clarks Summit, Pa. | June 2014